Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


Grading Policy

Grading will be based partly on things that will be easy for me to see, such as your participation in online discussions, your posted answers to the study questions, your research project, online test scores, etc. These will all be part of assessing your grade.

In addition to those factors, however, grading will also be based on factors that would not be readily visible to me unless you told me about them. Your self evaluations will help provide me with information about work you are doing

In very general terms, earning an average grade (C, 2.0) requires completing all the assignments (readings, study questions, self evaluations, discussions, tests, research project, etc), completing them on time, with average quality, and participating in class an average amount of time. Completing any less work than that (e.g., not completing all the assignments, completing them late, or doing less than average quality work) would earn less than an average grade. Completing all the course requirements with higher than average quality will earn a higher than average grade.

These very general guidelines will be made more specific when you look over the guidelines for completing your self-evaluations.

More specifics about grading standards can be seen here.

N.B. Turning in all the required self evaluations, with the required detail, and on time, is one of the absolute requirements in this course. If I do not receive complete self evaluations from a student I do not feel that I can give a fair grade, and rather than give an unfair grade I would rather give no grade at all (which may mean assigning a grade of NC or 0.0).