Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


Your first step is to get access to our classroom software


You'll need to login to our classroom, learn the basics of the Angel software, and then post your biography right away. If a person starts out the quarter being behind, it can sometimes be almost impossible to fully catch up

So by now you have probably received your postcard from the Distance Learning Office and that means you are registered in the online Introduction to Bioethics course.

Logging into our Angel classroom:

To login into our Angel classroom click here.

  • UserID = your full 9 digit Student ID number.
  • Password = your full 9 digit Student ID number. 

You'll need to learn the Angel classroom software right away and how to navigate around the classroom. One way is to simply start exploring it, but it would also help to take a look at some information prepared by the good folks in NSCC's E-Learning Support Center. Click here. to see some of that information.

You'll find there some links to several video tutorials for doing a few things in
Angel, as well as a link to a student help guide. Angel also has the student guide available by clicking on the question mark icon on the log in page. In addition you can also ask your fellow students for help, ask computer lab technicians for help, or check with our Distance Learning office (see below).

To order your books:
The books for our course are available at the NSCC bookstore, or from most online booksellers, or from local bookstores. A few of our readings will be available in full text editions online and you will be able to access those via the internet. As we get into the course I will let you know which readings will be available online. If you wish to contact the NSCC bookstore they can be reached at 206-527-3637. Their hours can be found on the North Seattle website.

If you do not have access to a computer at home, an online course such as this may be a real challenge for you. Still, there are open computer labs on campus that are available to all enrolled students.

Open computer labs:
There are two open computer labs available to all North students.The labs are located in the Instructional Building (IB) room 3303 (this lab has both PC's and Macs) and in the High Tech Learning Center (HT) room 1845B (all PC's). North's open computer labs have the widest variety of software on the campus and are open for walk-in use. The hours vary each quarter so please check either the NSCC homepage or the doors outside the labs for specific lab hours. Policies and procedures for the labs are posted in the labs and the lab staff are very good about being available for help.

For help:
A reminder: You can always ask fellow students for help, or you can ask the support staff in any of the computer labs on campus for help.

The Distance Learning Office at North Seattle is also prepared to answer your questions. Call or email for help. You may email the Distance Learning Office or phone them at 206-527-3738.

You may want to print out this message if it isn't comfortable to read on your screen. In fact, we find that if something is more than one screen long it is sometimes easier to just print it out and read it away from the computer. You may also want to do this for many of the mini-lectures you'll be reading this quarter. You may also want to print the class schedule (though I'll be adding to it each week), just so you have a printed version of when things are due.

A preliminary requirement:
You'll need to write a short biography about yourself, maybe a page or so long, or as long as you like. You'll post this in our classroom in the folder titled "Bios.". Simplest way to do this is to first open up that Bio folder. Under the messages menu, click on "new message." Write your bio however you like. If you can put a photo of yourself in your biography, that would be great. (In fact, maybe what we'll do here is just give 623 extra credit points to every person who puts a photo in their biography sometime in the first week or two of the course.) The photos help make our classroom community a bit more personable, and the more personable the better in these online environments. Send your message to the class. By clicking send, it will place your message (bio) in the Bio folder. In that folder you'll see the biographies of all of the class members.

Please have your biography posted as soon as possible,
but at least before Wednesday afternoon of this first week.