Dr Tom Kerns
North Seattle Community College


Questions for Beauchamp and Steinbock's
New Ethics for the Public's Health

"Medicine and Public Health, Ethics and Human Rights"
by Jonathan Mann
(pp 83-93)


Study Questions

  1. a. According to this article, what are some of the differences between clinical medicine and public health?
    b. And what are some of the overlaps?
  2. Consider the middle paragraph on p. 85 (it begins with “Yet the contribution...”). What would you say is the main point being made in that paragraph?
  3. Consider the last three paragraphs on p. 87. What is the point Mann is making in those paragraphs? I.e., what is the problem he is identifying?
  4. See p. 89, eleven lines down from the top. What do you think Mann means when he says “human rights violations have health impacts?”


Discussion Questions

  1. a. What would you say is the main thrust of this article? What (in your own words) do you think it is saying?
    b. What aspects of the article (if any) would you say you agree with, and which aspects (if any) would you say you disagree with? Please explain why.